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It inspires and connects The monumental task of remodeling a home is much more therapeutic than the challenge suggests. It encompasses a lot of hard work, and can be frustrating at times. But when the project is finished, and you sit and admire all the work that has been done, it is all worth it.[Read More...]

Selling your Home

And the preparations that come with it During the months leading up to the sale of a home, many people are taken aback by the numerous costs that tend to pop up. Although frustrating, these costs are necessary, as they shape the house into a desirable purchase. After all, who is going to want [Read More...]


And other cost effective alternatives in Elizabeth NJ When money gets tight, finding cost effective alternatives to otherwise pricy affairs becomes an art. Here are some classic examples of ways to save money while continuing to take care of business. Lawn Maintenance This is simple. Just stop [Read More...]


Why hiring your local Linden NJ tile reglazing experts is advantageous Odds are, when you buy from a family owned, local business, instead of a franchised corporation, a good amount of your money is cycled back through other local businesses. How does this benefit a community? Diminish Environ[Read More...]

A Mirror Frame, Floor Paint, and Bathtub Refinishing

Rejuvenate your Trenton NJ bathroom Revamping the spirit of your bathroom can be a fun venture. With strategic project choices, you can not only experience a total bathroom 180, but you can do so for an affordable price. Here are some ways; Frame your Bathroom Mirror Highlight mirror glass by f[Read More...]

Welcome to our Blog!

Our First Post Greetings! We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to explore this, the first official blog post for All American Bathtub & Tile Reglazers. As the content continues to flow, we will be able to provide you – our appreciated customers and clients – with fascinating, in[Read More...]